Wasabi Shrimp Avocado Crackers


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Wasabi Shrimp Avocado Crackers

Photo Credit: SteamyKitchen.com 

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This recipe is not for those who shy away from spicy foods! If you happen to belong to the spicy-loving foodie people group, you’re going to absolutely love this Wasabi Shrimp Avocado Crackers recipe by Steamy Kitchen. They also make beautiful little appetizers for a party. For the crackers, you really can use anything you like. The neutral flavor of the rice crackers works especially well in this recipe, and you should stick with them unless you can’t access them locally. The avocado will help round out the wasabi quite nicely, giving a cool and delicate sensation to an otherwise spicy appetizer. Why not get to know this recipe today? Click the link to be taken to the page it resides on.


Wasabi Shrimp Avocado Crackers

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