Mounds Brownies


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Mounds Brownies

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In Katrina’s Kitchen has done it again! The popular candy “Mounds” has now taken a brownie form! These brownies taste just like the candy bar and are so simple to make. Start off with your favorite boxed brownie mix and end with a can of frosting. Just so you don’t feel like you’ve cheated, the middle is totally homemade. The middle layer is made of shredded coconut, condensed milk, and powdered sugar. After the brownies are cooled, spread the coconut mixture over brownies. Pour chocolate frosting on top. Serve and eat! Click the link below to see the recipe:


Recipe Link –> Mounds Brownies

Category: Brownies, Bars & Truffles

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    I just found this web page. I love to cook but my favorite us to bake. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes I have seen.

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