Male Vs. Female Bell Peppers


Male Vs. Female Bell Peppers

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Here’s something I bet you don’t know! How do you distinguish between a male and a female bell peppers and why does it matter? Here’s the insider scoop:

Females have 4 bumps and seeds and are sweeter than male peppers when eaten raw.

Male peppers have only 3 bumps and are better for cooking.

Who would have thought? :)

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3 thoughts on “Male Vs. Female Bell Peppers

  1. Foodie on said:

    This is complete baloney. The only difference in peppers with different lobes is the mount of lobes they have. Different species of peppers also have different amounts of lobes. The male and female parts of any plant are contained in their flower. The fruit of the plant carries the fertilized seeds, the fruit itself is not male or female.

  2. the fruit is derived from ovarian tissue. the fruit contains seeds. there is no such thing as a “male pepper”. the fruit is the equivalent of a womb.

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