Glazed Chocolate Pound Cake


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Glazed Chocolate Pound Cake

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When it comes to rich, heavy desserts, pound cake literally takes the cake! When you add a bit of chocolate, and frost it with chocolate frosting, you get one indulgent dessert. This Glazed Chocolate Pound Cake by Tracey at Tracey’s Culinary Adventures is absolutely moist and rich, and features a bold chocolate flavor. The frosting on top is actually a glaze, which looks and tastes lovely with the richer, thicker pound cake. You could use a vanilla icing rather than chocolate for a contrast, or even some other type of icing. Pair it with vanilla ice cream and a mug of hot cocoa for a real sweet treat on a cold day. Grab the recipe from the link I’ve included below:


Glazed Chocolate Pound Cake

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