Chocolate Christmas Cake


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Chocolate Christmas Cake

Photo Credit: Urbane Fruits

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If you’re looking for a great cake to give as a Christmas gift, look no further. I’ve found the most delicious Chocolate Christmas Cake on the Urbane Fruits blog! You’re going to love this one. It uses Maltesers, brushed with a light coating of edible gold dust, over a beautifully rich, thick, multi-layered cake.The cake recipe uses just a tiny hint of cinnamon, enough to give it a little bit of a “Christmas Spice” kick to it. I’d serve this with a side of hot cocoa dressed with a little nutmeg, or even some eggnog! In any case, you don’t have to wait until Christmas arrives! Start making this one by clicking on the link below:


Recipe Link –> Chocolate Christmas Cake

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  1. eva griselda alvarez on said:

    me pueden mandar recetas en español
    muchas gracias
    estoy iniciando mi negocio de empanadas y me gustaria hacer pasteles pero no tengo dinero para pagar un curso asi que estoy buscando en internet

    I can send recipes in Spanish
    thank you very much
    I am starting my business I would like to make pies and cakes but I have no money to pay for a course so I’m searching the internet

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