Butterfinger Cookie Bars


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Butterfinger Cookie Bars

Photo Credit: Pip & Ebby

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If you think nobody’s going to lay a finger on these, guess again. Pip & Ebby share a Butterfinger fan’s secret dream cookie made with nothing less than seven of the candy bars and sugar cookie dough. The decadence doesn’t stop there. First, coarsely chop up three Hershey bars and moosh them together with the dough using your hands. Flatten the mixture out in a pan and top it with five of the Butterfingers. There’s still more. After baking, top with the other two bars, chopped. Cut it into small squares because the taste will overwhelm you.


Butterfinger Cookie Bars

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2 thoughts on “Butterfinger Cookie Bars

  1. I will be the first person to tell you theses are bad! Bad to the bone and last crumb you can find in t pan…lol I have died and gone to heaven…yummers

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