Bachelorette Party Cakes: Great Ideas!

bachelorette party cakes ideas

This cake may stir some comments! You have to make something special and eye-catching for one-in-a-lifetime moments right? One such occasion is your Bachelor Party. This cake is not hard to do either. See those set of 6-pack abs? They are┬ácake scraps that you can shape and place on top of the 9×13′s cakes which is the base of this masterpiece.

This is exactly what you need to do:


Bachelorette Party Cake

Stack 9″x13″ cakes, carve them, and then cover them with a flesh tone fondant. Afterwards airbrush it to give it detail & dimension. The undies are fondant and you can paint the suit or wedding dress brand as a logo like in the picture above (or something more catchy for the occasion!).

Not hard to do but the results are definitely eye-catching! Make sure to save this recipe for when the time comes for you or someone else you love!


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