A Wonderful Tasting Chicken Breast Recipe


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A Wonderful Tasting Chicken Breast Recipe

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There’s not many recipes you come across with “a wonderful tasting” in the title but this dish is well worth that title. This dish is a keeper! The chicken is tender, moist and so simple to make. The lemon gives this chicken dish a much needed zing! This is the perfect mid-week meal that’s quick to make but well worth the effort. The marinade sounds surprisingly simple to make but trust me, you’ll love it! Serve this dish with a side of mayonnaise and oh boy you’ll be in heaven! Take a look at how to make this truly wonderful tasting chicken breast recipe by clicking the link below:


Recipe Link –> A Wonderful Tasting Chicken Breast Recipe

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4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Tasting Chicken Breast Recipe

  1. Allison on said:

    Why does the opening paragraph talk about lemon giving the recipe zing but the actual ingredients list does not list lemon?

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